5 Health Benefits of CBD

Research into the benefits of CBD is ongoing but there is a lot out there to support the use of CBD for various health benefits. These are just some of the understood health benefits of CBD:  

Pain Relief

Research suggests that CBD can help with pain relief due to the way it interacts with the brains pain receptors. Studies are ongoing into it’s potential to treat the symptoms of many conditions including arthritis, MS and spinal cord injuries.

Anxiety and Depression
CBD is believed to activate certain serotonin receptors in your brain known as ‘5-HT1A near-receptors’ or ‘happiness receptors’ for short! This can help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, regulate mood and promote feelings of calm. In turn this can often help people sleep better too!

Heart Health 
Studies have shown that CBD may reduce blood pressure which can help to prevent heart conditions.

Studies are ongoing in to whether CBD can be used as a possible treatment for epilepsy. Research is still in it’s infancy but so far the results are looking good! A study carried out in 2016 where 214 people with epilepsy took 2-5mg of CBD a day for 12 weeks revealed that participants had 36.5% fewer seizures a month. 

Cancer Related Symptoms
Multiple studies have shown that CBD has benefits for those receiving cancer treatment. CBD can help alleviate symptoms including nausea, lack of appetite, pain and sleep deprivation.