A No-faff Introduction to CBD

There's a lot of talk about CBD but what actually is it and why do people take it? Here's our no-faff introduction to CBD. 

CBD or Cannabidiol as it is scientifically known, is a natural, non-intoxicating substance found in the hemp plant. 

Whilst it's becoming increasingly popular, taking CBD is nothing new, the first documented use of CBD in medicine dates back to 2737 BC!

Unlike cannabis, CBD is free from THC so it doesn't give you any 'high' but instead people use CBD for a wide host of health reasons from ⁠reducing stress and promoting sleep to treating chronic pain and conditions such as epilepsy, 

There are many ways to take CBD but now with Rokit Pods it's never been easier! Our CBD Coffee and CBD Matcha both contain 5mg of CBD so at the push of the button you can get your daily dose of CBD.