Rokit Pods

Superfood Drinks With Zero Hassle

Making our cup of matcha the traditional way every day, involved not breathing too heavy whilst scooping the powder so it stays on the scoop and doesn't create the common matcha cloud, generally spilling a bit in the process, waiting for kettle to boil, and then finally having to get the whisk and whisk like crazy, we thought there has to be an easier way.....that's when our Nespresso machine sitting there in the corner caught our eye, and we found the answer!

We therefore have decided we need to make it easier and cleaner for you to have a good healthy organic cuppa of something, like matcha green tea, using your existing coffee machines.  Why should these machines just make coffee, when they can make it so simple for you to enjoy other super healthy organic drinks at the touch of button.  With the existing flavours being well received, please be free to let us know if you have an idea for another healthy flavour.