Wouldn’t you agree that our hectic lifestyles need regular cheerful interventions?

Your idea of what comprises a fruitful break may differ from your friends, BUT, isn’t a super healthy and organic drink always a good plan? Especially when it’s only ‘a push of a button’ away! At Rokit Pods we believe that a one-two-three-two punch in your cup is the certificate to time-out achievement.

So, what are we really on about?

Yep, you got it! Our healthy drink pods including water-soluble CBD, of course! Because when 5 mg of water-soluble CBD combines with one of our wholesome flavours, we say there is no better way to enjoy a drink that’s smooth and fulfilling.
CBD Coffee Pods & CBD Matcha Pods

Water-soluble CBD + Delicate Organic Ingredients = RokitPods = SuperPods!

CBD meaning

Cannabidiol is the scientific name for CBD, which is the part of the cannabis plant that most interests those seeking the healing, non-psychotropic elements of cannabis. CBD is naturally found in hemp.

Why water-soluble CBD?

The average adult human body consists of approximately 50-65% water.

Here's the good news

Rokit Pods include 5 mg of water-soluble CBD per pod.

How to make CBD Pods

All you need to do is pop the pod into the machine and push the button! – just as you would any other drink you make in your Nespresso machine. Then…. sit back and enjoy. You will be pleased to know that we have taken the secret out of devising a wholesome cup with 5mg water soluble CBD. We've found a process that takes the oil and transforms it into a powder that we carefully include in our BPA free, recyclable pods.

Please take note

Once you have made the choice to enrich yourself with more health through the use of CBD, you want to make sure you are not pouring your money down the drain. You actually want what you consume to work, correct? You and I know for sure that oil does not mix with water. So, it is essential that when choosing to drink CBD beverages, you know how the CBD was processed and in what form the CBD was combined with the drink.
*All varieties of our CBD pods have been tested to reveal zero percent THC.