About Rokit Pods CBD Nespresso Compatible Coffee & Matcha Pods

Why Water-Soluble vs. Oil

Whilst making the choice of healthy drinks that include CBD, much deliberation of science has been considered by Rokit Pods. We totally get that you are not wanting your CBD drinking practices turned into a chemistry experiment! So, here’s the deal: not all CBD-infused beverages are the same. Period. The process we use here at Rokit Pods, ensures that the water-soluble CBD we claim to contain in our pods, ends up in your hot drink. Therefore, you can feel confident that the CBD is drawn out the pod and in to your cup. Finally, because cannabinoids need fat to be absorbed, its best to enjoy your CBD Rokit Pods with, or directly after, a meal.

CBD Fact

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating molecule found in the cannabis plant. CBD doesn’t make you high. CBD has been traditionally used for centuries and although it is only 1 of more than 60 recognised cannabis compounds used, recent growers have figured out how to isolate the CBD from its psychoactive partners.