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Starter Bundle

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SAMPLE ALL THE RANGE - This sampler bundle gives you the opportunity to try all the current Rokit Pods flavours with minimal outlay.  Included in the 6 pod bundle is a single pod pack of each of the 6 flavours currently available.  In the 8 pod bundle there are also 2 other new guest flavours in addition to 6 favours in the 6 pod bundle.  This includes: Matcha Green Tea, Matcha & Turmeric, Matcha & Cacao, Turmeric Blend, VitaCoffee Minerals + Vit D, and Barley Coffee.


    Each pod contains quality totally organic vegan ingredients for offering the quality you expect.


    For a lovely cup of something special  whenever you want, simply pop one of these into your nespresso machine, turn on, and its done. No more mess and dust going everywhere or whisks to clean.


    All our pods come in the Nespresso 'original' style and are compatible with ANY machine that takes this style of pods. Nespresso's Vertuo machines rely on a barcode on the pod so will ONLY take Nespresso branded pods. As Nespresso move more towards the Vertuo model, we wanted everyone to be able to use our pods so we made our own machine, The Artisio